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Alexandria Library Celebrates 85th Anniversary of 1939 Library Sit-In
“A Legacy of Courage”

In 2024, the Alexandria Library is celebrating the 85th anniversary of America’s earliest known civil rights sit-in at a library. Won’t you join us?

On August 21, 1939, five young African American men walked into the whites-only Alexandria
Library and requested library cards. When refused, the young men quietly took books off the
shelves and sat down to read. Library authorities had them arrested, making this act of civil
disobedience one of the earliest of its kind in the modern civil rights movement.

Throughout the year, to commemorate this landmark occasion, the Alexandria Library system
will host numerous events focusing on civil rights, human rights and African American history.

Learn more about library programming and history here.

Find the full press release here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help us celebrate this important chapter in Alexandria’s history by serving as a sponsor. Learn more about sponsorship levels and their benefits at the links below.

If you’d like to speak to someone about sponsorship or donation opportunities, please contact Michele Stork at 703-212-8129 or .

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