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 Empowering Alexandria's
libraries for a thriving  

Impacts & Initiatives

The Alexandria Library Foundation leads and supports many projects and initiatives that ensure essential backing for our library, fostering a vibrant hub for education, imagination, and connection in our community.

Children join performer outside at Beatley Library



Funding programming like SummerQuest, our Foundation ensures the Library's ability to provide free access to enriching experiences. So everyone can have more chances for skill-building, creativity, and play.

In 2023, over 17,800 people attended SummerQuest programs, with 86% of surveyed attendees reporting reading more as a result!

Support imaginative and educational opportunities for all, today.



We sponsor and create events that celebrate and benefit our community. From the Alexandria Library Black Family Reunion to Paws in the Park, we're excited to support meaningful and diverse experiences in our City.

In its inaugural year (2023), the Black Family Reunion drew 400+ attendees and gathered approximately 3,000 photos and documents to help fill gaps in the city's documented history of Alexandria’s African American community.

Join us in connecting members of our community.

Attendees discuss historical documents at First Black Family Reunion

We help our Library build its collection of materials through the purchase of books, e-books, up-to-date technology, and more. Everyone should have access to the books that bring them joy and the resources they need to thrive.

Ensure our community has the tools it needs.



Library patron uses tablet with headphones

A friendly and well-trained staff is essential for a great library experience. They help you get your first library card, guide you to the perfect book, or assist you on the computer. 

Empower the people that help our library thrive.


Staff Training

Woman raises hand in staff training group while seated at computer

Through murals, updated furnishings, and remodeling projects, our Foundation assists in creating and maintaining the inviting spaces that are such an important part of our Library. And that gives everyone a place to learn, connect, and simply enjoy spending time.

Help us continue to build an inclusive, welcoming space for all.



Crowd of families enjoy StoryTime at Beatley Library in front of mural
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